Customer service is king and 32Red lead the way

Customer service is king and 32Red lead the way

In 2013 a customer service quality audit by Etruvian Consulting rated 32Red top, outperforming 15 of the biggest online gaming and gambling operators, including 888 and Bet365.

It scored the highest for; accessibility (7.6/10), product knowledge (8.4/10), personalisation (8.4/10) and for going the extra mile (3.1/10). It achieved an overall score of 8.8 out of 10 (0.6 higher than its nearest competitor).

32Red managed to achieve such a high rating from Etruvian Consulting’s audit as they have used customer service as an integral part of their marketing strategy. The two main areas which they excelled in, and out-performed their competitors, according to the audit, were ‘fast response times’ and ‘expert product knowledge’. 32Red hold a firm belief and commitment of putting the customer first. Not only do they ensure that customer enquiries are dealt with promtly, but they also believe that they should be dealt with accurately and completely.

Think Gaming view customer support as an extension of marketing and an integral part of the customer retention team. In fact we’ve advised clients that they ARE same team. They might have the same office, the same manager and the same KPI’s. It makes sense particularly when you start to think of VIPs.

All of 32Red’s customer support staff are trained and possess expert knowledge about the company and its systems. This means that when a customer needs information or assistance, 32Red can answer accurately and completely.

Even negative enquiries or complaints, if handled and approached correctly, can be beneficial to a business. If problems or enquiries are dealt with efficiently and effectively, then customers are more likely to be satisfied, and thus in turn, are more likely to become a loyal and profitable customer.