Twitter launch new iGaming features

Twitter launch new iGaming features

twitter-iconTwitter is now targeting the igaming sector by releasing two new features that have been reported to be game changers for both betting operators and affiliates.

It all started in December 2014 when Twitter released two new features to its advertising capabilities, allowing the ability to target by mobile carrier and also to target users with new mobile devices. Then later in December came news of the new targeting tools ‘Bet Now’ and ‘Play Now’.

These particular words are very simple but offer massive potential for those within the iGaming industry that have a presence on Twitter in a much more targeted manner than can be presently achieved on Facebook with all its constraints.

These new targeting offers instant decision making from the user, these simple ‘calls to action’ can help conversions where traditional steps and links will result in much more breakage.

Phil Shaw, Director of Think Management commented:

“We’ve run Twitter campaigns for clients in the past and I’m confident this new ‘Bet Now’ button will increase ROI even further. Twitter have made some great steps forward with various new features within their ad manager platform.”

With increased targeting capabilities, a skilfully crafted message on Twitter carrying a these new compelling calls-to-action will inevitably lead to improved results for operators and affiliates that have built a Twitter following.