Mobile Payment Innovations Leap Ahead

Mobile Payment Innovations Leap Ahead

Mobile phones have been rapidly adopted by countries across the globe since the late 1990s; so much so, that by 2003, many countries in Western Europe reached 100% penetration. Since then, mobile phones have further converged with innovative technologies and have transformed from a voice communication device, to a multi-functional item that serves as your music player, Sat Nav, book, computer, camera, calendar, text messenger, phone, game player and so much more. Sales Force found that 85% of respondents said mobile devices were a central part of their everyday life—and 90% of those aged 18-24 agreed. They have become an extension of ourselves and we can all relate to that feeling of panic and loss when our phone isn’t where it should be!

It is no longer new news to hear that mobile is the future of eGaming – in fact, if you are unsure of this, you have a lot of catching up to do. The question on the front of marketer’s minds now is, how consumers are using mobile, and what implications does it hold for the eGaming industry.

Mobile now rules the world

According to data from comScore, 2014 was the year that the number of mobile users over took the number of desktop users in the world. If you’re still prioritising most of your budget and resources towards desktop, or if you want some advice on how best to capitalise on this new balance, get in touch with Think Gaming Global today.

Time is Money

You’ve all heard the time old expression ‘time is money’, but findings from Sales Force’s 2014 mobile behaviour report has illustrated how time literally can mean money. Peaking at lunch time, and again in the late evening, both tablet and mobile usage is heavily reliant on the time of day. Also, the day of the week is shown to have some impact on media usage, with Friday having the least hours of mobile media usage.