Snapchat – A Marketing Tool You Simply Can’t Ignore

Snapchat – A Marketing Tool You Simply Can’t Ignore

Snapchat has gone from a young and trendy video and picture sharing app, to a marketing tool you simply cannot afford to ignore.

Although the app was launched in 2011, Snapchat didn’t start selling advertising space until October 2014. In the last year and a bit, Snapchat have made numerous alterations to its advertising offerings including ‘sponsored lenses’ and targeting of age, device and location; but recently, it’s finally started to settle.

Below are Think Management’s top tips for successful Snapchat marketing:

Tone of voice

Selecting the right tone of voice is a crucial component of every marketing strategy, however when advertising on Snapchat, it could be the difference between success and creating a negative impression. The app has a very casual nature so it’s important to keep the communication simple and easy, but most importantly, to be fun.

Don’t just send out the same communication as on Facebook, Instagram or Vine

Creating unique content for Snapchat is crucial. If users want to see reams of information about product launches and their distant friends’ social lives, they will use other social media channels. The hype about Snapchat is the self-deleting content that is highly personalised and often exclusive. And the best bit is … it doesn’t have to cost the earth – in fact the authenticity is appreciated by the users.


Treat your followers

Keeping your followers loyal by offering the occasional perk and promotion is a great tactic. Whether you snap exclusive discount codes or leak exciting information about an event, not only is it likely to please your existing followers, keeping them engaged, but they are then likely to spread the word to friends and family too.


Betfair are a great example of this. They snapped a promotion during a football game, and the first 500 customers to use it received enhanced in-play betting odds for that game! Betfair Brand Director, Mark Ody, commented:


“We are hugely excited about exploring the potential of Snapchat as a marketing tool, and one that seemed a perfect fit for us as a brand with technology and innovation at our heart”


Embrace the time limit


‘Every challenge is an opportunity in disguise’


It may have been decades since Benjamin Franklin came out with this masterpiece, but it’s still every bit as relevant today. The self-destructive, time limited nature of Snapchat is arguably one of its greatest features as it allows you to give exclusive pre-launch information to your followers.