Second Screen Sports Betting During Euro 2016

Second Screen Sports Betting During Euro 2016

The 2016 UEFA European Championship is the 15th tournament of its kind, however, the way in which it’s consumed, and how sports betting wagering takes place has changed vastly since its debut in 1960.

The Global Web Index found that 4 in 10 internet users reported watching the Euros on TV or online, and astonishingly, close to 90% of Euro Viewers reported using another device while they watched the game. Mobiles are rated the most popular second screen with around 60% reporting using them.

The growing popularity of second screens while watching live sport

Dual screening during the Euros can be accredited to a number of reasons including checking out stats on players and teams, fantasy football, in-play betting, and to unrelated content such as ordering food.

The most prominent motive for dual screening during the Euros according to the Global Web Index was social networking to find out our network’s opinion, and to share our own opinion of the match in real time. This adds to the excitement as the audience feels connected as part of a global crowd. Around 4 in 10 Euro viewers report chatting on messaging services or social networking on their second screen. This trend is particularly prominent among the younger fans.

Another activity conducted on the second screen during the Euros was in-play betting. Kristian Nylen, Chief Executive of premium sportsbook provider, Kambi, predicts that mobile betting operators will be ‘on to a winner’ during UEFA Euro 2016. Nylen said around 65% of bets wagered through Kambi’s market-leading sportsbook come from mobile during tournaments such as the European Championships, compared to 45% for smaller events.

Kambi predicted that the 2016 European Championships in France would be the first major football tournament where second screen betting is the primary way to place a wager. Data shows that two-thirds of users would use a second screen to place bets during the tournament.