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Originally, the stereotypical gamer was a young male. Then it all shifted and as social gaming took over, the stereotypical gamer was re-categorised as a middle aged, married female with 2 children. But then it all changed again. The reason for all the indecisiveness regarding the demographic of gamers is because nowadays, almost everyone has become a gamer of some sort. Read more
The Australian Open is the first of four major Tennis Grand Slams and takes place annually during the last two weeks of January. In late October 2015, Tom Waterhouse, (William Hill Australia’s CEO) announced that they would be the first ever betting partner to sponsor the Australian Open. Here’s what Waterhouse had to say on the news: Read more
The convergence of media and technology has had a significant impact on our everyday lives. It has unlocked incredible opportunities, transforming the way we communicate, entertain, work, socialize and most importantly, it has had a profound (but beneficial) impact on the way individuals game. Read more