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When the fourth generation of Apple TV was launched last year, ‘gaming’ was the word on everyone’s mind as it was the first generation that allowed users to install apps themselves. The news that it would have access to third party apps and act as a miniature console was enough to energize the gaming industry. Read more
360 degree videos are gaining a mass of attention recently as Facebook have recently improved the format of the immersive videos on their main news feed. The concept of the video itself is not a new phenomenon as in March 2015 YouTube introduced the functionality for Android devices and HTML 5-enabled browsers on its site. A few months later, in August 2015, Facebook followed by announcing its support for 360 degree videos. Read more
The first Google Glass prototype was initially launched to specially selected ‘Glass Explorers’ in April 2013. It then became available to the public just over a year later, in May 2014 for $1,500. The technology within the optical head mounted display allowed users to see smartphone information, in a hands free format. Read more
Social Gamers cannot be summed up by one demographic. Although the average gamer is repeatedly categorised as 40 years old and female, it is much dependent on the type and genre of the games. A report from Superdata (a provider of market intelligence on digital games) found that Read more
As Web 2.0 technologies developed, and audiences fragmented, the new form of targeted social and digital advertising took over. It was easier to measure the impact of these media as the technology helped us understand the amount of people who viewed or interacted with the adverts. However despite this, it was not until the advert was released that the results could be gained. Read more
Although the app was launched in 2011, Snapchat didn’t start selling advertising space until October 2014. In the last year and a bit, Snapchat have made numerous alterations to its advertising offerings including ‘sponsored lenses’ and targeting of age, device and location; but recently, it’s finally started to settle. Read more
The most successful, international and award winning gaming event of the year is returning to London on the 2nd -4th of February 2016, as attendees and exhibitors are invited to ‘Enter the Gaming Technopolis’. ICE Totally Gaming is held annually at the ExCel Centre in East London, and this year it’s going to be bigger than ever before! Read more