Mobile Gambling Products

The growth of smart phones has changed the primary functions of mobile devices dramatically. It’s not a mobile phone anymore; it’s a PC on the move. This has brought about dramatic changes within the gaming world and we’re now seeing highly profitable gaming apps and new levels of customer engagement.

Everything is merging into one. So if you play online, you can probably access the same game via your iPhone, Facebook or even your iPad. Likewise, you can sign up to most services using Facebook Connect, meaning everything is integrated. It really is the time of convergence.

Today the consumer is expecting your service to be available on a multitude of social platforms. From the gaming companies’ perspective, you must be offering it on all platforms. Think Management can help by identifying the devices you should be focusing on and by helping to improve the performance of what you already have.

Mobile is an integral part of your overall offering and is the number one experience that must be perfect. We can discuss some interesting case studies about the recent growth of mobile products and how Think Management can help.

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